Wave App

I was brought onto the Cel-Fi team as the lead UI/UX designer. My first task was a design system around how users would interact with the new line of Cel-Fi boosters. Previously the boosters had small LCD screens, but this proved to be too costly, so an app was developed as the interface to the hardware. The application is available on both smartphones and desktop computers. To accomplish this we built the app in PhoneGap so that we could maintain one code source but deploy to the various operating systems.

The Dashboard was designed as a glance-able view to the state of your Cel-Fi environment. Friendly, inviting text, boost gauges and a clean layout help the every-day user understand what is going on with their device. You can change settings on your device like, the default Operator, update software, setup an external antenna, name your booster and more. Advanced Mode gives a real-time technical overview of the installation, including logs for troubleshooting. All the online support information is also included in the app, including boosting tips, error codes, installation guides, FAQ’s and more.

Date: Sep 2015 - current Client: Nextivity Role: UI design, UX design, branding & prototyping URL: www.cel-fi.com/software/ Tags: Android, Branding, iOS, UI, UX